Ellen Pearlman: My Lunch With Mihoko

Ellen Pearlman is currently working on a history Buddhism’s influence on the American avant garde & her lunch with Mihoko is a result of some of that research as well as of course her own curiosity.

The following article originally appeared in American Buddhism as a Way of Life, recently published by SUNY Press.

Allen Ginsberg lay in a coma, dying. An oxygen tube laced across his nose as he tossed and turned against his portable hospital bed. Sitting beside him that early April night, I held his cool, surprisingly delicate hand and meditated with him despite his coma. … Read More

Allen inscription to Timothy Leary “We are complete successful failures’


For Timothy & Barbara Leary
amid the noise of kisses and chatter in H’wood
late evening in March, dining with Agents
photographers, poets, reprobate-politicos
intelligent wives, beautiful
feet & noses, candle light, salad, champagne
Rock ‘n roll bands coming out of our mouths
all of us complete successful failures.
March 11, 1985
Allen Ginsberg
(1) Refuge name: Lion of Dharma

(2) Bodhisattva name: Heart of Peace

Stephen Gertz at Booktryst posted this yesterday & did a perfect job transcribing. He queries why Allen’d capitalized Agents and we do too. Sometimes Allen capitalized randomly, more often not. This was right after
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The Responsibility of Allen Ginsberg

Really been itching to post this poem that Helen Weaver wrote a few years ago and posted on her blog for Allen’s birthday this year. So, finally here it is! While we’re on Helen Weaver, be sure to check out her recently published book The Awakener published by City Lights. A fantastic fun read.

The Responsibility of Allen Ginsberg

for a friend who said she couldn’t put “Allen Ginsberg” and “responsibility”in the same sentence

Clearly I have a different definition of the word

I think Allen was one of the most responsible people I’ve known

He was responsible to his … Read More

Allen’s 12th St Apt gets gutted

[photo: blah blog blah]

Steve Silberman spotted this posting on blah blog blah blog that’s by a friend of one of Allen’s 12th St neighbors. He reports they’ve started gutting the 12th St apartment, and posts some shots of ghastly looking windows – one of those we’re so used to seeing out of from the “out my back window’ photo series. We knew it was just a matter of time after Peter passed away that they’d go in and gut the place – that landlord had been gnawing at the bit to get that unit since long before Allen … Read More

Leslie Scalapino Memorial at St Mark’s Church

We definitely want everyone know about the the Leslie Scalapino Memorial on Monday at St. Mark’s Church here in NYC. She’s yet another poet to pass away over that rather devastating Memorial Day weekend. Apologies again for listing NYC-specific events, but we felt we really needed to add this one. There is information below for those who can’t attend but would like perhaps to contribute somehow.

Monday, June 21, 8 PMMemorial for Leslie ScalapinoSt Mark’s Church, 2nd Ave & 10th St, New York City

It is with heavy hearts that we will open the doors of the Parish Hall so … Read More

Village Voice Clip Job: Allen Ginsberg Explains Timonthy Leary

[Timothy Leary psychedelic research pioneer and Neal Cassady first meeting at Millbrook N.Y. in Ken Kesey-Merry Pranksters’ “Further” bus which Neal’d driven crosscountry S.F. to N.Y. via Texas before Fall 1964 presidentiad, with “”A vote For Goldwater is a Vote for Fun”” logo painted large across bus side, L.S.D. cool-aid pitcher in icebox. Neal scratching amphetamine itch in his driver’s palm. (Ginsberg Caption) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate.]

Another great one from the Village Voice ‘Clip Jobs’ series:

Clip Job: an excerpt every day from the Voice archives.December 12, 1968, Vol. XIV, No. 9

[This essay was subsequently published in … Read More

Andrei Voznesensky

[Andrei Voznesensky and Allen Ginsberg, Adelaide, Australia, March 1972. Photo probably snapped by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, with Allen’s camera. c Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Allen Ginsberg & Andrei Voznesensky, Mexico City, 1981. photographer unknown]

With Peter Orlovsky’s passing last week, we didn’t get a chance to mention that Andrei Voznesensky passed away just a couple days later,  June 1st. Allen considered him the one living genius in Russian poetry. Allen met Voznesensky in Moscow, in April 1965 and the two fast became friends and would do readings together throughout the world as well as collaborate on poems. Their collaborative poem, “Angelic Black … Read More

Oscilloscope picks up “William Burroughs: A Man Within”

Now for some more upbeat news. We’d been hearing rumors, but it’s now official that Oscilloscope Laboratories have picked up Yony Leyser’s William Burroughs documentary A Man Within. They plan a near simultaneous release (September) with Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Howl. Both films you’re no doubt somewhat familiar with if you’ve been following our blog, as it seems we mention them almost ad nauseum. All for a good reason, of course..

Oscilloscope nabs ‘Burroughs’ doc

Yony Leyser film about famed Beat writer

from Variety By Gordon Cox

Oscilloscope Laboratories has picked up Yony Leyser’s docu “William S. Burroughs: … Read More

Peter Orlovsky Remembered

The many tributes & elegies to Peter starting to pop up, including pretty thorough obits in the New York Times & Washington Post, are so moving that we want to post them all. Not quite sure where to start, so we’ll jump right in with Steve Silberman’s “Impossible Happiness” that he wrote for Shambhala’s blog Shambhala SunSpace, and “Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Remembering Peter Orlovsky” for The Advocate. And when you’re done with those, hop on over to Tom Clark’s blog for a few more… Read More