The Orlovsky Brothers

Happened to catch these on Gary Parrish’s excellent Farfalla Press blog. [2018 – sadly no more]¬†Peter’s “Good F*ck with Denise” has enough expletives in it that no doubt You Tube will yank it soon, so catch it while you can! [2018 update – miraculously, it’s still up!] – Julius Orlovsky is represented by just a short clip from Robert Frank’s remarkable Me and My Brother, (available in its entirety through Steidl – We highly recommend tracking that down!) [2018 update – that clip however has been pulled]. The third and final clip is raw footage from 1966 of the Velvet Underground

Village Gate, NYC, June 7, 1966, raw footage featuring Andy Warhol, Gerard Malanga, Barbara Rubin, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky,Tuli Kupferberg, Ed Sanders, Storm De Hirsch & more..

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  1. The Peter poem is great. I think he's a wonderful poet. The Julius video makes for uncomfortable but compelling viewing…I must track down that movie somewhere, along with the Gary Snyder and "Big Sur" films. My information is a little behind the times for a supposed Beat scholar (if that's what I am).
    I HAVE seen the Velvet Underground clip, but boy watching it gives me a headache!

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