Gary Snyder & Robert Creeley Foundation Award

[Gary Snyder, Kyoto, Japan, June 1963. Photo: Allen Ginsberg c. Allen Ginsberg LLC]

An article with interview snippets in the Milford Daily News in advance of Snyder receiving the 10th annual Robert Creeley Award in Acton Mass. next week. Our colleague Matt Theado at the Beat Studies Association heard from Chris Bergeron after his interview with Snyder saying “I interviewed him for about 40 minutes by phone & felt I’d never spoken with a 79-year-old man whose mind was as sharp as someone in their 30s. He was very sharp, personable, totally free of BS. What felt curious to me … Read More

Hal Willner interviews Allen Ginsberg on Harry Smith

[Hal Willner and Harry Smith at Naropa Institute, Boulder Colorado, July 1989. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Marianne Faithful, Hal Willner and Harry Smith at Naropa Institute, Boulder Colorado, July 1989. photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

Yesterday’s post on Harry got us thinking about this one of Hal interviewing Allen. This text is excerpted from a much larger interview based around Allen’s recording history, done June 29, 1993, that Willner conducted for the Holy Soul Jelly Roll liner-notes released in 1994. An edited-down version of this was published in Think of the Self Speaking: Harry Smith – Selected Interviews by … Read More

Paola Igliori interviews Allen Ginsberg on Harry Smith

Paola Igliori interviewed Allen to include in her book American Magus Harry Smith: A Modern Alchemist for her now defunct Inanout Press. American Magus is unfortunately long out of print, and the few copies out there are fetching upwards of $75. It’s definitely worth it for anyone seriously interested in Smith, as it includes interviews with & stories by Lionel Ziprin, Folkways Records’ Moe Asch, Rosebud Pettet (Harry’s spiritual wife), Robert Frank, Bill Breeze, and many others.

Allen Ginsberg & Paola Igliori, 24 September 1995


Paola: What’s the first memory you have of Harry?

Allen: I … Read More

Benefit for Tuli Kupferberg at Bowery Poetry Club Saturday March 6, 8pm

Come Honor Tuli and Experience Living History with *VILLAGE ALL STARS*: David Amram, Taylor Mead, Steven Ben Israel, Penny Arcade, Peter Stampfel, King Missile (Dog Fly Religion), Steven Taylor, Clayton Patterson, Bob Holman, Tsaurah Litzky, Steven Dalachinsky, John Kruth, Cary Abrams, Norman Savitt and many, many others.

$10 donation goes to help defray Tuli’s medical expenses after his recent stroke.

And again, if you can’t get to the benefit, but still want to donate, you can do so via the Fugs website.Read More

The Orlovsky Brothers

Happened to catch these on Gary Parrish’s excellent Farfalla Press blog. Peter’s “Good F*ck with Denise” has enough expletives in it that no doubt You Tube will yank it soon, so catch it while you can! [2012 update – miraculously, it’s still up!] – Julius Orlovsky is represented by just a short clip from Robert Frank’s remarkable Me and My Brother, (available in its entirety through Steidl – We highly recommend tracking that down!) [2012 update – that clip however has been pulled]. The third and final clip is raw footage from 1966 of the Velvet Underground

Village Gate, NYC, … Read More

John Lennon – Goodnight Irene

This one tops the list for ‘spirit’ awards. Not hard to pick out Peter Orlovksy who then introduces Ginsberg. We’re thinking it’s gotta be Lennon’s 31st birthday, October 9, 1971 at a hotel room in Syracuse. (disregard the Bed Peace photo on the posting) Allen, just back from India brought along the new harmonium he bought there, and played that and his finger cymbals while introducing the chant “Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum” as well as “September on Jessore Road” he’d only just written days before. According to Bill Morgan, Phil Spector was also in the room … Read More

Gordon Ball

Gordon Ball was a filmmaker friend of Jonas Mekas when Allen & Gordon first met in the mid 1960s, and it wasn’t long before Gordon and his girlfriend Candy O’Brien were completely ensconced in managing Allen’s Cherry Valley farm (no easy task considering the colorful cast attracted to the place!) By the early ’70s Ball edited & published the now out-of-print Allen Verbatim, the result of recordings and notes he made while touring with Allen. From then on he became editor of most of Allen’s published Journals, beginning with Journals Early Fifties Early Sixties. He’s currently a professor … Read More