John Lennon (1971 Birthday Celebration)

This one tops the list for ‘spirit’ awards. Not hard to pick out Peter Orlovksy who then introduces Ginsberg. We’re thinking it’s gotta be Lennon’s 31st birthday, October 9, 1971 at a hotel room in Syracuse. (disregard the Bed Peace photo on the posting) Allen, just back from India brought along the new harmonium he bought there, and played that and his finger cymbals while introducing the chant “Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum” as well as “September on Jessore Road” he’d only just written days before. According to Bill Morgan, Phil Spector was also in the room and Jonas Mekas was recording. We’re checking with Mekas to find out if this is his recording. You can check his Happy Birthday John film from 1972 on Ubuweb, but it doesn’t include the Goodnight Irene song.

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