Happy Birthday Carl Solomon!

Carl Solomon in his Prince Street apartment several years after residence with me on sixth floor ward, New York State Psychiatric Institute, afterwards working mid-town at his uncle’s Ace Books Publishers, where he edited Wm. S. Burroughs’ Junkie paperback first edition. New York, 1953.(Ginsberg caption) c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Carl Solomon & Allen Ginsberg, Holly Solomon Gallery, New York City, 1991. photo c. Rich Wilson

It’s pretty difficult to track down Solomon’s out-of print-books Mishaps Perhaps and More Mishaps, [Editorial note – but not impossible, we’ve seen copies on Abe Books] – and we’ve seen copies of his later Emergency Messages on Amazon. Steve Silberman has posted two poems from Mishaps Perhaps to whet your appetites, and Wikipedia have a reasonably informative short bio (tho’ currently needing “further citations”) for those wanting to know a little more about Solomon’s life

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