Naropa Summer Writing Program 2010

Naropa have announced their 2010 Summer writing Schedule, and it’s a stellar lineup as usual. The entire program runs from June 14-July 11, and participants can enroll for the full four weeks, or any of the individual weeks within the month. If you’ve never attended one, we here at Ginzy Central highly recommend trying it out. Whether you’re a poet or not, it’s a unique opportunity to meet, interact & study with some of the more important poets living, & a good excuse to spend a few summer weeks in Boulder Colorado.

Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics June 14–July 11, 2010
Credit and noncredit programs available
Poetry – Fiction – Translation – Letterpress Printing
Week One: June 14–20
Poet or Assassin?
Charles Alexander, Junior Burke, Julie Carr, Linh Dinh, Steve Evans, Thalia Field, Ross Gay, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Laird Hunt, Stephen Graham Jones, Bhanu Kapil, Joanne Kyger, Jaime Manrique, Jennifer Moxley, Jennifer Scappettone, David Trinidad, & Others.
Week Two: June 21–27
Planet News: Investigating Eco-Ethos-Eros
Jane Augustine, Sherwin Bitsui, Caroline Bergvall, Ed Bowes, Jack Collom, Samuel R. Delany, Jon Davis, Santee Frazier, Alan Gilbert, Allison Hedge Coke, Michael Heller, Brenda Hillman, Helen Howe Braider, Lisa Jarnot, Layli Long Soldier, Tracie Morris, dg okpik, Daniel Pinchbeck, Evelyn Reilly, Elizabeth Robinson, James Stevens, Mary Tasillo, Orlando White, & Others.
Week Three: June 28–July 4
Great Divides & Common Ground
Erik Anderson, Sinan Antoon, Sherwin Bitsui, Xi Chuan, Dolores Dorantes, Jack Hirschman, Jen Hofer, Anselm Hollo, Bob Holman, Brian Kiteley, Semezdin Mehmedinovic, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Akilah Oliver, Margaret Randall, Damion Searls, Julia Seko, & Others.
Week Four: July 5–11
Public Space: Performance & Small Press Publishing
Penny Arcade, Amiri Baraka, Laynie Browne, Ambrose Bye, Douglas Dunn, Danielle Dutton, Brian Evenson, Colin Frazer, Joanna Howard, Allan Kornblum, Rachel Levitsky, Michelle Naka Pierce, Julie Patton, Martin Riker, Selah Saterstrom, Patricia Smith, Steven Taylor, Anne Waldman, & Others.

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