Yes! It’s a Ginsberg Figurine….


Tokyo’s Presspop Gallery introduce the ‘Ginsberg Doll’ we’ve all been waiting for. Adding Allen to their highly select list of American cultural personalities, Bob Moog & Raymond Scott among the most recent, Presspop enlisted Chicago based illustrator (Sof’ Boy) & musician (The Sea and Cake, The Cocktails) Archer Prewitt for the design and we’re more than pleasantly surprised! We’ll try to keep you posted once it’s available since Presspop run very limed editions of everything they do. As with their Raymond Scott figurine, Ginsberg will come with an unreleased recording on 7″ vinyl to boot.


  1. please sir can I have some more?!

    Jack and Bull! Jack and Bull Lee!
    And Neil too!
    But Jack and Bull Lee!!
    and also through the ages young and old as well!!!
    and also especially Dr. Sax !!!!!!!!
    Dr. Sax also please!!!!

  2. sad thing about this is as you say limited edition probably very, very expensive and will never be made avaiable to those of us who chose to to by over the net here in New Zealand…only other thing is the should of done Kerouac first.

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