Household Affairs

In 1987 Sony Corp gave out a batch of High 8 cams to artists and writers around the world, and in return they asked that each make a movie. Allen got one, and Household Affairs was the result. Edited by Allen’s close friend and accompanist, Steven Taylor, this was filmed over a period of two months, October-November, 1987, and focuses mostly on Julius Orlovsky who’d been staying as a guest over that period. Brilliant insight into the daily routine at the apartement on East 12th Street back in the 80s, with ‘cameos’ from the likes of Harry Smith, Allen’s Russian translator Viktor Sosnora, Jello Biafra, Robert Frank, June Leaf, Carl Solomon, Gordon Ball, Peter Orlovsky and many more.

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  1. First time that I have seen this.
    I heard Lord Buckley in much of the words and intonation.
    Then saw that David Amram was part of it who I met at the Lord Buckley 50th anniversary.
    Small world.

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