Paris Records

Paris Records have got to be the best kept secret of the last ten years, but hopefully that will all change with their revamped website making all their back catalog heaps more accessible. Paris Records is the brainchild of Michael Minzer & producer Hal Willner, these two all the while concocting genius projects dating back to Allen’s 1987 The Lion For Real, and William Burroughs’ Dead City Radio. More recently they released Gregory Corso’s Die on Me  and a second Corso that includes Marianne Faithfull titled Lieders (there was just too much good materiel here not to release this second one!) Even more recently is Ed Sanders’ Poems for New Orleans, and Robert Creeley’s Really!!  Swing on over to Paris records & check out the goods….


Random Photo of the Day:

William S Burroughs and Alan Ansen outside the San Remo Cafe, at the corner of MacDougal & Bleeker Streets, New York City, 1953. c Allen Ginsberg Estate.

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