George Schneeman: Painter Among Poets 1934 -2009


Allen Ginsberg posing for painter George Schneeman – Photograph by Harvey Wang

New York City painter George Schneeman passed away this January. He was a frequent collaborator with generations of Lower East Side poets, including Ted Berrigan, Larry Fagin, Dick Gallup, Alice Notley, Bill Berkson, Anne Waldman, Ron Padgett and Allen Ginsberg, and very much part of the neighborhood’s cultural fabric. Anne Waldman’s wonderful short appreciation of his life in the current Poetry Project Newsletter (below) is a moving introduction to the painter among poets for those unfamiliar. Tributes & poems from Tom Clark, Alice Notley & Ron Padgett are in the same issue. New York Times have also paid their respects.

From Poetry Project Newsletter April-June 2009 available as a pdf download

Granary Books published in 2004  Painter Among Poets – The Collaborative Art of George Schneeman


Addenda; Poets House in New York hosted, in 2014, the first George Schneeman  Retrospective – A Painter and His Poets – The Art of George Schneeman – see here   

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