Eliot Katz

We’d like to point out Eliot Katz‘s new collection of poems – that definitely merits mention here – Love, War, Fire, Wind: Looking out from North American’s Skull, published by Narcissus Press with illustrations by William T. Ayton. It covers work from 2000 on.

Allen & Eliot became friends beginning with Eliot’s apprenticeship under Allen at Naropa in 1980, and they remained close, due in part to their kindred spirit for activism for humanitarian causes.

Here’s Eliot’s “Recalling Allen,” a brief note that gives a vivid glimpse of Allen’s interaction with students and his energetic activism.

For anyone in the NYC area on March 11, the book-release party is at the Bowery Poetry Club . He’ll be reading in collaboration with with bassist Russell Branca, with slides by William T. Ayton, as well as special guest poets Alicia Ostriker, Danny Shot, and Diana Ayton-Shenker


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