The Letters of Allen Ginsberg/The Selected Letters of Allen Ginsberg & Gary Snyder


We unleashed two major letters collections last fall, and they’re long overdue. I should add their near simultaneous pub dates were quite by accident, but what’s done is done. You might want to run to the nearest fine bookstore or library in your neighborhood and see just what the fuss is all about. The Letters of Allen Ginsberg is the culmination of years and years of relentless sifting and searching by bibliographer & biographer Bill Morgan who set for himself the monumental task of reducing some 3700 letters into a manageable book of 165 letters.

So when Jack Shoemaker at Counterpoint approached us with the idea of a Snyder/Ginsberg correspondence, Bill Morgan, fresh off the Letters project was the obvious choice as editor.

Bill Morgan and Kerouac editor David Stanford are co-editing a selected correspondence between Ginsberg and Kerouac, that should be in stores this fall. We’ll keep you posted.

New York Times Book Review



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