George Herbert – 3

[George Herbert stained-glass window, in the village church of Bishop Burton, East Riding, Yorkshire, designed by Charles Eamer Kempe (1837-1907)]

AG: (George Herbert’s) “The Windows” has got one funny line in it – (page) two eighty-eight – the second line – “Lord, how can man preach thy eternal word?/ He is a brittle crazy glass” – that’s a nice one – “He is a brittle crazy glass” – “crazy” here is here defined as “flawed”, they say – “ Man is a brittle crazy glass” – Just an interesting little snippet I thought.

“Lord, how can … Read More

George Herbert – 2

(George Herbert’s) “Prayer” – Well, there’s only just one great line in that, but we’ll read the whole thing anyway. Anybody want to try and read Herbert? – [to Student] -Scott? (sic)

Student: (Scott) (I don’t have the poem in the book)

AG: Oh you don’t have the book. Anybody enjoy reading aloud? –  [to Student] – Have you done it before?

Student: Yes

AG: Who hasn’t? Who hasn’t read aloud here? Who hasn’t exercised their vocal chords? –  [to Student] – You haven’t have you? – Just… Yeah Okay, why don’t you try reading it “ – Who’s religious? … Read More

George Herbert – 1

[George Herbert  (1593-1633) – painted by Robert White]

George Herbert – and some biographical background might explain where he’s at. From the Oxford Book of English Poetry …let me see. Well, he went to Trinity College, he was an undergraduate at Cambridge, and he began to write religious verse in college, then, 1619 (he was born in 1593) 1619 he was made Public Orator of the University and that was like sort of an appointed role which he thought would bring him into contact with royalty and he would get ahead in the State, but apparently he didn’t make out, … Read More