Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 294

Jean-Jacques Lebel, co-curator of the ZKM Beat Generation show, giving an inaugural speech, following the ZKM’s Director Peter Weibel, in Karlsruhe on November 25 2016.


William S Burroughs – from Danger Series‘ – Portrait of William S Burroughs in front of the Théâtre Odeon – Brion Gysin (Naked Lunch series, Paris October, 1959

Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso – video-trailer for the Beat Generation at ZKM, Karlsruhe, November 2016


Jack Kerouac – still from video on show at Beat Generation at ZKM (Karlsruhe) – see above

Beat Generation at ZKM – Opening last weekend in Karlsruhe, Germany – … Read More

Investigative Poetics – 7 – (Conspiracy – Political Revelations)

[Santo Trafficante Jr. (1914-1987)]

AG.. I(‘ve) sort of concluded research on my own obsession with dope police state, with dope police, in about 1971. I presented a paper at the Institute For Policy Research [Institute For Policy Studies] in Washington DC, which is published in a book called Allen Verbatim, with myriad footnotes and references and it was a climax of my obsessional preoccupation with that subject, and I sort of got out of it since then, having laid it all on paper. But it forms a basis for a number of references in songs and poems … Read More