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Allen Ginsberg: Iron Curtain Journals
Ginsberg and the Beat Generation
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Christopher Smart - 2
Allen Ginsberg continues reading from Christophe Smart's Jubilate Agno
Christopher Smart - 1
Allen Ginsberg begins reading from Christopher Smart - Jubilate Agno
Christopher Smart - Intro
A brief introduction to the Life of Christopher Smart, madman, poet.
Barry Farber Interview - 4
Allen Ginsberg-Barry Farber's conversation continues, Barry Farber gets "punked", and Allen gets to discusses, among other things, ecology (eco-consciousness) and the apparent difficulty (alleged impossibility) of literary translation
Barry Farber Interview - 3
Peter Orlovsky reads a poem, Allen Ginsberg discusss visiting Jack Kerouac's grave with Bob Dylan, and recalls the history of the Beat Generation. More of the Allen Ginsberg-Barry Farber conversation.
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