On the Bro’d: Every sentence of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, retold for bros.

Finally it’s the OTR treatment we’ve been waiting for! [er..not really, but never mind!]. The

press release states:

“On The Road is an American classic and the seminal work of the Beat generation, but much of it’s lost in translation when read by the generation that goes to the club and then beats. Bringing Kerouac’s best to the bros: On the Bro’d.

Created by an NYC designer/ writer/ humor blogger, OTB wants to be “every sentence of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, retold for bros”, which he deems appropriate as apparently the book itself’s a product of the “stirring unrest

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Pop Culture Roundup

[Garrett Hedlund (Neal Cassady/Dean Moriarty in the book), Tom Sturridge (Allen Ginsberg/Carlo Marx), John Allen Cassady, Sam Riley ( Jack Kerouac/Sal Paradise) during the On the Road shoot in Montreal, August 2010. photo via Beat Museum]

“I worked with my friend Tom Sturridge, and he plays Carlo Marx, who’s Allen Ginsberg,” Stewart says, excitement creeping into her voice. “And I would look over at him, and he’s doing this fucking full-on Allen Ginsberg crazy monologue in the corner of some thumping, raving party, and I’m dancing to bebop jazz, and I’d be like, ‘Tom, we’re doing “On the Road.” … Read More

Amnesty International/A Prophecy


A couple of months back, Amnesty International chose for their advertising video a poem by Allen, his May 1968 poem (from Fall of America), A Prophecy. “O Future bards/chant from skull to heart to ass/as long as language lasts..” A variety of voices in a variety of settings sound out the lines. We certainly support Amnesty International’s essential cause, and if poetry has to be co-opted by advertising, better this than anything else! If you’ve not seen it yet, here’s the video (with music by Aphex Twin, directed by Fernando Vallejo). Vallejo, Colombian born, a biologist and a writer, as … Read More

Ginsberg Apolitical? – I don’t think so!

[Allen Ginsberg protesting Madame Nhu’s visit in San Francisco, October 30, 1963. Placard reads: Man is naked without secrets (?) Armed Men Lack this/how many million person without names/what do we know of their suffering?/”Oh how wounded How wounded!” Says the Guru/Thine own heart says the Swami/Within you says the Christ/Till his humanity Awake says Blake/I am here saying seek mutual surrender tears/That there be no more hell in Vietnam/That I not be in hell here in the street. (photographer unknown)]

A couple of better-late-than-never responses to Lee Siegel‘s [October 10, 2010]  New York Times Book Review article (first … Read More

Not Forgetting Shig

[Shigeoshi (Shig) Murao, Cafe Trieste, North Beach, San Francisco, 1987. photo: Allen Ginsberg. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

We said we’d try and curtail posting too many Howl movie reviews. There’s been one or two snipes and gripes, but mostly the response has been pretty uniformly enthusiastic. The main difficulty for reviewers has been trying to come to terms withwhat sort of movie it is. It’s not your typical “bio pic”, it’s not actually a “bio pic” at all, it’s a rare thing, (a unique thing maybe), a movie about a poem! Tim Plant in his Metro Weekly review (out of … Read More

Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in New York

The Workcenter Jerzy Grotowski crew are back in New York City for the month of November, staging their I Am America & Electric Party performances that are all based on poems by Allen Ginsberg. They were in the area last Spring & dazzled and surprised us with their energy, enthusiasm & devotion to Allen’s work. For more information on Workcenter Jerzy Grotowski, or to find out where next on the planet they’ll be performing check their tumblr >>.… Read More

HOWL Reviews Keep a comin’

[HOWL display at City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco]

I know we said we’d stop tooting our horn and posting reviews and response to the Howl movie, but here’s just a few more, not-just-any-reviews, ones that really nail something intelligent down.

First up, a thoughtful one from Peter Simek in Dallas’ D magazine. Richard Nilson’s review in The Arizona Republic points out “the hero of the film isn’t Ginsberg, it’s the poem”. Wallace Baine’s review in the Santa Cruz Sentinel re-iterates the idea that – and what a remarkable thing this is – “Howl is all about the poem not … Read More

Timothy Leary’s 90th Birthday

[Timothy Leary, Los Angeles March 1992. If you look closely you can see Allen in the mirror taking the photo. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

In celebration, here‘s some vintage Leary audio from 1967 recorded at Alan Watts’ Houseboat Summit, that includes Leary, Watts, Allen and Gary Snyder.

Keep a look-out for Peter Conners’ White Hand Society The Psychedelic Partnership of Timothy Leary & Allen Ginsberg due out any day now from City Lights. It includes the entire transcript for the above “Houseboat Summit” as it was printed in the San Francisco Oracle. … Read More

Allen on Literary Censorship and Other Matters 1997 Canadian TV

Recently posted, this sweet video of AG, just a few months before he died,talking with Allan Gregg, Canadian tv interviewer (from TV Ontario). Always good to hear Allen’s always-timely and always-reasonable opinion on such issues and Gregg proves to be a sympathetic ear.

While we’re on the subject (we’ve been meaning to post this one for quite a while!), C-Span, in their video archive, have an extraordinary illuminating debate, “What’s Indecent? Who Decides?”, a recording of a meeting which took place before the Federal Communications Bar Association, on April 18 1990, in which Allen participated, and where … Read More

Kerouac 41 Years Later

It was 41 years ago today that Kerouac passed away at the age of 47 in St. Petersburg, Florida. As Jerry Cimino wrote in today’s Kerouac.com mailing “When he died he had $91 in the bank and his entire estate was worth less than $10,000. By the mid seventies just about all of his books (with the notable exception of On The Road) were out of print. Today, there are over thirty books in print, many published posthumously.”

[Jack Kerouac wandering along East 7th Street after visiting Burroughs at our pad, passing statue of Congressman Samuel “Sunset” Cox, “The Letter … Read More