Happy Birthday Ed Sanders

[Ed Sanders in his leafy front yard, Woodstock New York, June 30, 1985 trying to put hubcap back on his front tire, I was on my way to visit Karmapa Monastic Center, top of nearby mountain, he was working with revived Fugs Poetry Rock Band, inventing “electronic lyre” and tuning Sappho’s Mixolydian verse. (Allen Ginsberg caption)] … Read More

Sean Wilentz: Bob Dylan in America

The New Yorker has printed an excerpt from Sean Wilentz’ forthcoming Bob Dylan in America, due out next month & published by Doubleday. Sean’s father Eli, and uncle, Ted, ran the Eighth Street Bookshop on West 8th Street and MacDougal Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village, where Allen & Peter stayed briefly after returning from 3 years of travel around the world, which is also where Allen met Bob Dylan for the first time. Sean Wilentz is the Sidney and Ruth Lapidus Professor of History at Princeton University where he’s taught since 1979.

New Yorker music critic Alex Ross … Read More

Harold Chapman: My Best Shot

Things seem to hit critical mass every now and again, and it’s especially the case for Harold Chapman and his photo of Allen & Peter at St-Germain-des-Pres, Paris 1956. Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman recreated the shot in Howl film, out in September, and it’s been used quite often in connection with the film. Chapman by coincidence has a show up this month at Chelsea Proud Gallery in London, mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago, and that’s added to the photo’s popularity. Now we get Chapman’s take on the photo:

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437 East 12th Street in Transition

Rosebud Pettet came by yesterday wondering what’s become of Allen’s old apartment on East 12th since we’d all heard they’d started gutting it after Peter Orlovsky died. We thought we’d sneak in and see what was left. Luckily the workmen were sympathetic and let us snoop around. Of course we snapped a few shots. Our apologies the quality ain’t better, but tiptoeing around workers and over rubble had its effect, and well, obviously the iPhone is no match for Allen’s Olympus XA!

And what became known as “Harry’s Room” ever since his 9 month stay in 1985, has been converted … Read More

Why We Love the Internets part 72: “Burroughs: The Movie” and “Flicker: Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine”

There’s just so much material out there, with content growing exponentially by the day that it’s pretty much overwhelming, but there’s still nothing like finding something you’ve been looking for for ages, and finding it. At long last we have a chance to see Howard Brookner’s long out of print Burroughs the Movie from 1983. John Giorno had released it on VHS in the mid 80s, but then it just seemed to disappear. We weren’t even able to find a decent jpg of the cover anyplace to post here, so without going to Allen’s Collection at Stanford and scanning the … Read More

Beat Generator

Photo by Christopher Dombres. Creative Commons Attribution License.

Stumbled across this nifty ‘Beat Generator’ image in Washington City Paper’s Weekend Arts Round-Up coverage of last weekends goings-on in DC. They also had an interview with Anne Waldman as she walked through the National Gallery’s “Beat Memories” exhibition [this interview with Jesse Rausch is now no longer available on-line but photos from the occasion, by Chris Svetlik, may be seen here]. She (Anne) was in the capital to read “Howl”, backed by a string-quartet performing Lee Hyla’s score for the poem. There’s a 3-minute clip of that performance posted … Read More

Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters. Reviews streaming in

[A late-1950s New York minute: clockwise from far right, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso (in cap), the painter Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac and the musician David Amram. John Cohen/Getty Images]

Been very pleased with the positive press devoted to the Kerouac -Ginsberg correspondence book Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg: The Letters. This kind of attention shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, given the stature of the two, and it is difficult to negatively critique letters that weren’t quite intended for the public. At any rate, the most recent comes from NY Times‘ Janet Maslin, and we’re told to expect a … Read More

Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg May 2–September 6, 2010

[Allen Ginsberg, 206 East 7th St., New York City, Fall 1953. Snapped by William S Burroughs. c. Allen Ginsberg Estate. Courtesy the National Gallery of Art]

And further to our last post, although the “DC Howl” is this weekend, the Beat Memories show is up till September 14 (shamelessly plug away we do, but it really is worth catching). Edmund White gives it some decent words in the NY Review of Books Blog that was posted yesterday, and a glowing review in the Washington Post by David Montgomery, as well, and to top it off, one on CNNRead More