Allen Ginsberg 1985 Naropa reading

[Allen Ginsberg in 1985]

Continuing from yesterday’s Eric Mottram-Philip Whalen reading

Allen Ginsberg  (following some brief announcements of upcoming readings by Anne Waldman)

Anne Waldman introduces Allen Ginsberg:;

AW: Allen Ginsberg – Guggenheim Fellow and member of the American Institute of Arts and Letters, the author of Howl, Kaddish, Planet News, The Fall of America, Mind Breaths, Plutonian Ode, Poems 1977-1980. His Collected Poems was published in January 1985 by Harper and Row. He has recently returned from China where he has been lecturing at the invitation of the Chinese Writers Union. He’s sung with Bob Dylan and The Clash,Read More

Gary Snyder – 1994 at Naropa

[A section from “Mountains and Rivers Without End” – Lu Yuan (China, Qing dynasty, late 17th Century – handscroll ink on paper – from the Freer/Sackler Smithsonian Museums of Asian Art, Washington DC]

Gary Snyder reading at Naropa 1994

We featured a few weeks back a reading by Allen and Miguel Algarin from 1994 celebrating (among other things) the dedication of the Allen Ginsberg Library and the twentieth anniversary at Naropa (“Beats and Rebel Angels”). We continue today, with the second half of that reading, featuring Gary Snyder (and – tomorrow – David Amram)

Andrew Schelling: Welcome … Read More

Allen Ginsberg and Miguel Algarin – 1994 Naropa 20th Anniversary Reading

The following is the first part of a July 1994 Naropa reading, celebrating, as is pointed out, the twentieth anniversary of Naropa (Naropa now girding up for its forty-second summer season). The readers on this occasion are Allen Ginsberg and Miguel Algarin (Miguel Algarin reads first). Introductions are by Andrew Schelling and by Anne Waldman. A second part, the concluding part, to this reading (featuring Gary Snyder and David Amram) will be posted here on the Allen Ginsberg Project in the weeks ahead. Andrew Schelling begins by welcoming the company and noting the significance … Read More