Allen in Australia 1972 – Juene Pritchard Interview (ASV 12)

This little gem from Australian tv –
[2012 update, regrettably, this instructive little tv interview-clip has been pulled from You Tube, presumably for copyright reasons. We can only hope that ABC will see fit to re-instate it. In the meantime, at least we have the transcription]
Allen in Adelaide in 1972 for the Arts Festival, interviewed for ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Company) by an earnest and sympathetic Juene Pritchard. He speaks of Aboriginal tribal poetry, and of “the body of rhythms and chant patterns that are the foundations of his work”.
Here is the transcript:
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Doesn’t Everybody Want To Save The World?

One “streaming video” that curiously escaped our notice (buried, as it was, in the depths of the Internet Archive, is this one, Allen from 1991, interviewed by Lewis MacAdams, and performing with bass player Don Was, as part of the Deep Dish cable tv series – The Lannon Foundation Presents Writers Uncensored – this episode, Allen Ginsberg – Doesn’t Everybody Want To Save The World?
The program opens with a close-up of Allen.
LM: I mean, over all these years, all these images of “Allen Ginsberg” have been put back at you from worlds media, and I’m
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More Punk Notes (Hardcore)

Following on from recent postings, here’s Allen and Steven Taylor in Allen’s kitchen (437 East 12th Street) in New York, discussing “hardcore”, the music immediately following punk.
Here below is a transcript:

“AG: …(which) leaves it open to any kind of polymorphous perverse, at best, and is a kind of declaration of independence from social identity, or reassertion of a personal stamp of their own social identity, also there’s a political implication of subversion and rebellion against the rigid moral (morale) of the financial, sexual, commercial, rules and regulations imposed by the American government, or the Russian government, or the
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Kissinger Tapes


[Henry Kissinger & Allen Ginsberg 1984. photo: unknown]

This is old news by now, but pleasantly amusing and so quintessential Ginsberg that it was crying out to be our launch story. At Senator Eugene McCarthy‘s suggestion, Allen has called Kissinger in order to arrange a conversation between among others, civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy, then CIA head Richard Helms, pacifist David Dellinger, and even (Richard) Nixon, in order to brainstorm for ways out of the Vietnam war.

2017 update – the original link is no longer working but you can read the article/transcript (from the March Read More