Allen Ginsberg Interviews William Burroughs – 1

File:Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs.jpg
[Allen Ginsberg with William S Burroughs at The Gotham Book Mart, New York City, 1977]

Allen Ginsberg’s 1980 interview with William S Burroughs, quizzing him about his post Naked Lunch work (and probing him about the nature of “Spiritual Conspiracies”) – “Conversation on Sequence of Burroughs’ Books On Way To Stapleton Airport on August 18, 1980” – was excerpted and used that year as an introduction by Grove Press to their edition of “Three Novels – The Soft Machine, Nova Express and The Wild Boys” 

It also was included (in its entirety) in Sylvere Lotringer’s edition of The Collected Interviews

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1984 Pat Thomas Interview

[Allen Ginsberg with Pat Thomas, Rochester, New York Interview, 1984]

Pat Thomas‘ interview with Allen, published in 1984, in a little magazine he edited himself called “the Notebook”, out of Rochester, New York, deserves an unearthing and a dissemination. Rock n roll Allen. The piece was headed “Allen Ginsberg Speaks on The Clash, King Crimson, Kerouac, The Grateful Dead”.  We’ll draw your attention also to three early posts on The Allen Ginsberg Project – “Allen Ginsberg Was A Punk Rocker” (parts 1 and 2) here and here, and “More Punk Notes (Hardcore)“ – Not forgetting, Simon Warner’s magisterial … Read More

Allen Ginsberg June 1986 Radio Interview

City Lights put up (as a podcast, on-line) earlier this summer, an interview (a phone-interview) with Allen, dating from the mid-1980’s, the (Ronald) Reagan era, (June 2 1986, in fact, the day before Allen’s 60th birthday!). We thought to shine some more light on it, to feature it this weekend.  Here follows a transcription.  Allen, with the two interviewers, Walter Isgro, and another, un-named, (the context being a visit to the state of Maine), discuss poetic history, censorship, art, education, politics (both global and local) and Allen and the Beats as representatives of a tradition, the tradition of … Read More

More Vintage Corso

  More Vintage Gregory Corso (culled from Michael Minzer/Hal Willner’s two Corso recordings – Die On Me and Lieders) – (We’ve already featured Marianne Faithfull, in collaboration with Gregory, a week or so back). Here’s Gregory and Allen (and Peter) and Studs Terkel, in January of 1959, in Chicago, on The “Studs Terkel Show”. Studs Terkel : [in media res] … no, no, but you couldn’t see.. GC: I want to see Al Capone‘s old heritage. I really dig him, you know. I pay homage to him. I mean.. ST:  Once upon a time there was an
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UMass Kerouac Tapes & Lowell Portfolio


[Jack Kerouac in Fred W. McDarrah’s apartment, Dec. 10, 1959. Copyright: Fred McDarrah/Getty Images]

University of Massachusetts, Lowell, is increasingly becoming an important Kerouac nexus, and a visit to their Kerouac Center For Public Humanities web-site is well worth the time, not the least for the invaluable streaming-audio clippings there-contained (William S Burroughs on “Jack’s French” and (on) “Outcast Migrations” – Allen, with at least 8 clippings, including this (transcription of which follows) – Allen on Jack and.. “Visions” –

(see also Allen-on-Jack here, at the 1973 Salem State Kerouac Conference)

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Allen Ginsberg-Brian Shields 1987 Dallas Radio Interview

BS: Welcome to People – Brian Shields – KRLD News. This week on People, we’re talking with Allen Ginsberg. Now if you haven’t heard of Allen Ginsberg, one wonders where you’ve been for the past 20-25 years. Allen Ginsbeg is, of course, a poet, one of the best-known poets, really, of this part of the 20th Century. He has written extensively and has been involved in politics and political movenents as well, and we’d like to..
AG: And artistic movements
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Allen Ginsberg – 1994 Greek TV Interview

Here’s a find – courtesy “redfox60” and “Daily Motion”. Allen in 1994, in performance and being interviewed (lucid as always), on Greek tv – the presentation, by one Giorgos Kappa (a film with Greek sub-titles). Please excuse (we know you will) the fact that it’s not exactly synch-sound, but.. more than made-up for by substance. (excuse also the possibility of a little advertising sneaking in at the beginning there!)

The piece opens with black-and-white footage of Allen with his harmonium performing “Father Death Blues”, also fleeting shots of New York City, and then the first segment of the interview.  … Read More

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Interview Concluded

AG: What I’m trying to figure (out) now is that [Woody Guthrie’s “Tom Joad”] something you heard later? much later?

JE: I heard that at the same time, when I first started listening to..Woody’s music.
AG: Did you run into Guthrie (himself) at some point or other?
JE: I met Woody in Brooklyn. He was living in Coney Island.
AG: What year was that?
JE: Well, that was in ’51
AG: So right straight off you went..
JE: Yeah
AG: look him up, or what?
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Spontaneous Poetics (Ballads) – The Jack Elliott Interview – 3

The Allen Ginsberg-Ramblin’ Jack Elliott conversation continues

JE: Well, the big song that we were pushing  on the Rolling Thunder tour, our heaviest number probably, and what might have been one of the main purposes of the tour, it would seem, and gave us a lot of spirit, was the song about Hurricane Carter. I just saw in the paper today where Hurricane Carter beat up his lady manager..

AG: Just now?
JE: ..and she’s in a .. no, it happened a while back, but she didn’t want him to go to jail and she didn’t want to … Read More

Spontaneous Poetics (Ballads) – The Jack Elliott Interview – 2

JE: “Red River Valley”…okay, “Red River Valley”, that was it. I had never even heard about Woody Guthrieuntil I got to hanging out with a bull-rider named Todd Fletcher (who also came from Brooklyn, but nobody knew about that). He started cowboying in Arizona and was riding in rodeos all around the country, and I travelled around with Todd for about six months, going to rodeos, and, any time we’d have any free time, just loafing around, why, Todd’d be singing and playing the guitar. He sang a lot of folk songs and a lot of cowboy

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