Friday’s Weekly Round-Up – 336

[The Boott Mills seen from Centralville  /  Lowell, Massachusetts, 1989 -Photograph  © John Suiter – see “Kerouac’s Lowell – A Life On The Concord and Merrimack Rivers“]

Just a reminder that it’s Kerouac celebrations in his home-town of Lowell this weekend. Festivities have already begun, but plenty’s still happening –  you can see the full-schedule (all the events taking place over this weekend, and into next week) – here.

[Jack Kerouac]

And also from last week’s Round-Up – (following on, and as part of, theBig Beat Night“) – the Lawrence Ferlinghetti exhibit in Brescia (Museo di Santa Giulia) will officially be opening

Elsewhere in Italy..  Allen’s photography continues, quietly, to disseminate.

Here’s notice of a current show taking place in Sicily

Meanwhile from France -news of a new book by Gilles Farcet (author of Allen Ginsberg, poète et bodhisattva Beat (2004) –  La joie qui avance chancelante le long de la rue Beat (he defines it through his character, Hank) – “(cette) pulsation sourde, insidieuse, cette pulsation qui imprègne tout et te paraît naturelle”

[Anne Waldman and  Gilles Farcet at the fiEstival maelstrom reevolution in Brussels in May 2017. Photo:  John Sellekaers]

Oh and did we mention this radio-broadcast? –  here

Big news of the week, however – the publication of Allen’s Collected Poems in China!  (see our note of a couple of weeks back).  Here’s what it looks like. There’ll be more on this and on the impact of this translation (naturally) to follow 

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