Gregory Corso’s Birthday

[photo: Chris Felver ca. 1980] 
[photo:  Hank O’Neal, 1985]
[photo: Hank O’Neal, 1985] 
[photo: Francis Miller, 1959] 

[photo: Allen Ginsberg, 1961]
[photo: Allen Ginsberg, 1961]

[photo: Pamela Hansen,1989]
[photo: Elsa Dorfman, 1973] 

[photo: Gordon Ball, 1973] 
[Photos by Allen Ginsberg] 

Another Beat anniversary. Eighty-five years ago today, in New York City’s Greenwich Village (St Vincent’s Hospital) – the birth of (Nunzio) Gregory Corso

Plenty of Gregory, if you search through the archives here at the Allen Ginsberg Project, starting with our 2011 posting (after his own book-title) – Happy Birthday of Death

Here‘s our last year’s (2014) birthday shout-out

and here‘s our posting from the year before

Rick Schober‘s long-in-the-making – The Whole Shot – Collected Interviews with Gregory Corso seems happily immanent

Here’s Gregory, talking about Jack Kerouac

Gregory Corso (1930-2001),  buon compleanno, certifiable Beat legend. 

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