William Burroughs and Gregory Corso Reading at Naropa 1975

[Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, and Gregory Corso]

From the remarkable Naropa Archives (that we spotlighted here). Here‘s a truly, as Allen presciently noticed, historic reading – William Burroughs and Gregory Corso together in 1975.  Allen provides a succinct introduction –  AG: ..Under the auspicies of Naropa Institute. In some attempt to combine meditation and poetics, or to see how they influence each other (since it’s a great tradition of poetics to be knowledgeable about consciousness, and since it’s a great tradition of meditators to be poetic-tongued for bodhisattvic purposes of explanation), so the whole point of … Read More

Allen Ginsberg – 1996 Sarasota tv Interview

Allen’s (87th) birthday tomorrow, but we figured to get a little into the spirit of things today. Here’s a gem, recently uploaded to You Tube – Allen, interviewed by Patricia Caswell, in 1996, in Sarasota, Florida (on local television – “Sarasota Arts Today”). The occasion is the publication of his “Selected Poems” (“Actually”, Allen quietly confesses, ” I just received the very first copy in the mail today”) Allen (who may, perhaps, be forgiven for just a tiny bit of name-dropping!) patiently explains himself to, and for, a presumed ignorant but sympathetic audience (and makes a righteous castigation of … Read More

Announcing Naropa University’s Digital Archive


Great news! Naropa’s extraordinary audio archive (hitherto hosted as part of the estimableInternet Archive) has now been upgraded, refurbished and newly-hosted by Naropa UniversityThe JKS (Jack Kerouac School) audio collection (part of a wider collection held by the university) is now available and ready for on-line exploration and practical use here  Close to 2,000 (1,925) recordings are now immediately accessible. (A further 1,500 – 1, 800 more have been digitalized and will subsequently be made available – and this is just the JKS component!). As Naropa, on their web-site, declare:… Read More