Happy Birthday Gary Snyder

[Gary Snyder, Prototype of Kerouac’s “Dharma Bums” (1957) fictional hero leading the way sauntering by Alpine stream in Northern Cascades, Washington State’s Glacier Peak Wilderness area, we went on light-day backpack to climb Glacier Peak tops, ice ax & crampons; Snyder was back from near-decade in Kyoto studying and practicing Zazen. My first mountain walk, August 1965. (Ginsberg caption) photo snapped by Martene Algiers, c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Gary Snyder in his backyard hut, Berkeley, I’d met him that month referred by Kenneth Rexroth – he was studying Chinese, preparing for residence in Kyoto Zen monastery a year later, rode bicycle, prepared tea, showed me poems in springboard binder, I recognized W.C. Williams’ influence, like on mine. September 1995. (Ginsberg caption) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[(Gary Snyder) Kausani, India February 1962 (…) we made pilgrimage to Buddhist sacred sites, here visiting Lama Anagarika Govinda who lived on nearby ridge. Snyder & Joanne were visiting from Kyoto, Peter & I had come from Tangier. (Ginsberg caption modified from similar image) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Gary Snyder Kyoto Summer 1963 in Cafe, at rest, Juniken-doro Street, Kita-ku section near Datoku-ji temple where he studied. (Ginsberg caption) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]

[Gary Snyder, his small house-garden on Nishinomiya-cho, Kita-ku section near Dai-Tokuji Temple, in monk’s traveling outfit, wearing Unsui’s indigo-dyed cotton training robe (koromo), square hand-sewn Rakusu cloth hung round neck symbolic of older Indian Buddhist Patchwork robes, thick belt to guard zazen sitting posture & belly-warmth, and dark-browned Ajirokasa basket-hat stained with juice of green persimmons. Kyoto, Japan July 1963. (Ginsberg caption) photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate]